Inspirations Magazine is not just decadent eye candy for the passionate stitcher, rather it takes you behind the scenes step by step. Every page drills into the specifics of how these stunning projects are created. Our passion is to fuel your passion – to inspire you to take up your needles & stitch your hearts out!

What better way to do this, than make it easy for you by packaging up each project into a Ready-To-Stitch kit & deliver it right to your door. We’ve collected everything you need and reduced your costs by including only the exact quantities. Plus we’ve sourced all those hard to find items for you as well, to ensure your final product looks like it stepped straight off the pages of the World’s Most Beautiful Embroidery magazine.

As an added incentive, all current Inspirations Magazine subscribers enjoy 15% discount on every kit purchase.

So we’ve done our bit to make it as easy and cost effective as possible – what are you waiting for? Ready. Set. STITCH!

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